Timeline of Events

Thursday, June 15

Xavier is kidnapped by Becca Fucking Flower Face while hitchhiking

Friday, June 16

Forest Ganfeild finds Xav tied up in a tree with a skinned bear nearby.

Xav goes to the hospital.

Saturday, June 17

Xav gets out of the hospital, and is questioned by local, state and federal authorities.

Forest and Xav meet Sam.

Sunday, June 18

Xav and Forest plan a course of action. They research flint knappers since a flint knife was used to skin the bear.

Monday June 19

Xav and Forest try to meet with the first flint knapper, but he is an archaeologist and is out on a dig until Wednesday.

The second flint knapper is around, and agrees to meet them on Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 20

Meeting with second flint knapper. He’s a taxidermist or something.

Wednesday, June 21

Xav and Forest go to dig site to meed first flint knapper. Get some info.

Thursday, June 22

Group finds a finger print on Xavier’s musical equipment. They find it belongs to a man named Jacob Dove.

Friday June 23

Group interviews Jacob Dove’s daughter, Barbara. They also get info about Jacob Dove from the FBI.

Saturday, June 24

Forest and Xav meet with tribal chiefs.

That night, Xav gives a benefit concert. During the concert, Jacob Dove’s body is dropped on stage from a helicopter. It has been skinned. On the body they find a message that reads Have you found the connection yet.

Sunday, June 25

Group meets at FBI headquarters (what city?). They find the animal mutilations have been taking place all over the globe for the last 35 years.

Monday, June 26

Group travels to Zurich to start visiting mutilation sites. Meet Interpol agent Edwina Yourgult.

They visit a library to do research.

Tuesday, June 27

Xav an Forest interview old librarian’s daughter, and later the old librarian herself, about the mutilations from 35 years ago.

Accidentally uncover Richard Gregory, serial rapist and creepy professor. The “capture” Gregory and demand photo negative of Becca Fucking Flower Face that he apparently took when she rebuffed his advances.

Xav accidentally drugs himself and Forest while having a celebratory drink from Gregory’s alcohol cabinet. Luckily, Sam is there to keep things under control.

Wednesday, June 28

Xav and Forest wake up with mild hangovers.

Find a music box in wall.

Discover information pertaining to a “Rape Club” that Gregory is a member of. They discover that the negatives in question were probably sent to another member of the club. In this instance, Jacob DeBeers, of the famed DeBeers fantasy.

Re-interview old librarian. (I’m not sure why)

Thursday, June 29

Group heads to Paris, France to track down Jacob DeBeers.

Eddy Rasputin, chasing down leads on skinwalkers and lycanthropes, arrives in Paris and follows (French Interpol guy), but gets snagged and joins the group once he gets assurances that he’ll get a kick-ass story.

Felicia Black starts shadowing the group, trying to sort out what they know about why Jacob DeBeers is after her.

Group meets with DeBeers and club. Xav threatens him in order to get the negatives of Becca. He appears unimpressed, but maybe he’s going to give them to us?

Sam vandalizes DeBeers car while Xav goes on a drinking bender.

Friday, June 30

Group follows DeBeers to London. Felicia follows the group.

Sean Peabody joins the group as a breaking-and-entering expert and babysitter. Xav loves Sean. They become best buddies <sarcasm>.

Xav and Eddie break into DeBeers apartment with Sean. Xav takes a big fall and needs to go to the hospital. Eddie and Sean find a secret room with a bunch of negatives, but have to way to get them all. Eddie steals one set of negatives and replaces the roll with an empty film canister.

Felicia introduces herself to the group <finally> and she tells us about her quandary. Sort of. We learn of Thurgarten and his links to DeBeers, including the fact that he might have the negatives we need. Thurgarten has been using the negatives to blackmail DeBeers.

Saturday, July 1

We leave to tail Thurgarten. Xav stays with Sean since he’s still a bit shaken from the fall. Sam leaves, which pisses Xav off.

We plant a bug on Thurgarten’s car. Felicia has a bad accident on her motorcycle and breaks her arm. Off to the hospital for Felicia! Eddie takes her bag so she doesn’t get questioned about carrying around climbing gear.

Eddie joins Sean and Xav at Oxford to do more research. They discover a lot about Lucien (known as Devlin Salvador when he was a student there), and plan on meeting with current Ancient History professors to gain access to restricted information during the next week.

Forest follows Thurgarten to a charity event at a club (Thespian Times), where he is killed violently.

Sunday, July 2

Forest and Felicia gain access to Thurgarten’s house and discover several items, including a 3-page letter from Roman Abramovich (his fiance’s MARRIED father) to a woman named Kathleen Vallecott. We assume he’s blackmailing him as well. They also find copies of Thurgarten’s will and life insurance policy, a positive pregnancy test, and a papyrus scroll containing something about Richard Bronson’s daughter. (need more info)

Eddie and Xav hang out at Eddie’s apartment. They wake up in the middle of the night when Sean, Forest and Felicia come knocking at the door claiming Sam is in Eddie’s apartment. Xav attacks “Sam”, believing the hooded figure with her back to the door (sort of) to be an imposter. The ensuing fight results in Sean being tasered by Felicia, and Eddie exposing his junk to the entire group. Good times.

Monday, July 3

Group heads to Oxford. We find a lot of books, papers, and other stuff. Forest requests copies of portions of some books in the “restricted” section of the library.

We find the Eye/Seven-Pointed Star/Pyramid symbol.

We discover existence of Alpha Tau Delta and Gamma Delta.

That night, we check out the student book store, since it was an old important building at some point in the past. We suspect there is a bricked off area in the basement, but we can’t get into it. Felicia nearly has to taser a poor security guard.

We also sort of break into a the Alpha Tau Delta frat house after our first excursion inside results in us figuring out they are all useless assholes. We find some more papers hidden in their chapter library. They include some cyphers we can’t break.

That night, Grandpa shows up.

Tuesday, July 4

Yanks celebrate Independence Day by hanging around in London.

At the end of the day, Grandpa’s contact comes through with decoding of the cyphers. They are locations all over the world, in pairs, that seem to be linked to Venza and its evil shadow/twin.

We decide to check into the two closest locations listed, which are in London, as it happens.

Wednesday, July 5

Group takes a public tour of the Tower of London (location 2 on the list). Don’t find much in the public areas.

We then made an excursion into the sewers, where we found an ancient meeting room of some sort hidden behind a secret door. Eddy falls into a trap. We discover a bunch of old books and weird symbols on the walls that are revealed when soot sticks to the oil forming them.

Sam calls in Professor Thistlebottom to help keep us from accidentally destroying this important archeological find and help recover some info from the books.

Through experimental tracing of the symbols, we discover Forest has some sort of magical powers.

That night, Eddy researches as much as he can about Forest’s family lineage.

Thursday, July 6

That morning, Forest experiments with drawing some of the symbols, and he shocks Xav, then makes lightning strike the building and fries Eddy’s computer.

Eddy gets a replacement computer.

Group goes for private tour of the Tower of London. Below one of the oldest buildings, they a symbol on the main floor, and a secret room directly below the symbol in the basement.

Felicia and Xav accidentally set off a trap in the room, which exposes Eddy and Felicia to some kind of hallucinogenic fungus.

Xav goes upstairs to avoid the idiots who are messing around in the dangerous secret room.

Forest, at Eddy’s prompting, traces one of the symbols just inside the room and burns Eddy and Felicia (but mostly Eddy) with some sort of steam/heat wave.

Eddy starts having a “bad trip” and tries to escape the group. Xav (thankfully) keeps Eddy from getting away, and eventually the group gets medical treatment for Eddy and Felicia.

After the hospital releases Eddy and Felicia, the group heads to the hotel. Eddy crashes hard and the rest of the group hits the town to blow off some steam.

Friday, July 7

Forest, Grandpa and Felicia go to the sewer location to try to trace the symbols so Forest has some way to practice. Grandpa says this is a bad idea, and that “magic isn’t supposed to be written.” As it turns out, the symbols aren’t quite right when they try to trace them. Forest keeps looking for a rational explanation (like dips in the stone wall), but it’s probably a more metaphysical reason.

Felicia and Grandpa get bored and head back to the hotel. Felicia eavesdrops on a phone conversation Grandpa is having and hears some stuff about a vote, differing sides in some sort of disagreement, and “is he ready”. All very mysterious.

Forest ends up getting about 11 symbols before exhausting himself and passing out. Felicia, Xav and (to a small degree) Eddy go drag him out of the sewers.

The group decides to follow up on an old lead, and check out the nearest animal mutilation site. It is in St. James Park, on a small outcropping called Duck Island. The event took place 25 years ago, and involved the skinning of a coyote. Forest finds a weird tree, but it appears too young to have been around when the mutilation took place.

Xav and Eddy wander around to ask about the animal mutilation, and meet Inspector Harlan Jaret, who coincidentally had been one of the Bobbies involved in the original investigation. It turns out there were other mutilations of smaller animals, but after the wild dog, the mutilations ceased, at least in this area. There was no particularly cult-like aspect to the mutilations. They were more clinical.

In the meantime, Forest was concentrating on the “tree rune” while concentrating on the odd tree, and he started turning Felicia into a tree. She sank into the ground and her feet became roots, ruining her shoes and socks. She was freaked out. By the time Xav and Eddy got back, she had reverted to normal. Grandfather and Forest wandered off and had a heart-to-heart talk. Forest was very subdued after that.

We decide to travel back to the States to follow up on the more recent mutilations and stuff.

Saturday, July 8

In transit to the United States. Heading to Oregon to start the investigation. Eddy wants to check on Becca Fucking Flower Face’s father to start with.

Sunday, July 9

In Oregon. We decide to spend the night in Portland. Instead of staying at a “boring” hotel, Xav suggests something different, and Eddy says they should stay in a haunted hotel.

We stay at Thayer House, a logger baron’s mansion from the mid 1800’s. Thayer had a large portrait of himself on one side of the stairway, looking across at a matching portrait of his wife, Elizabeth. His portrait seemed to stare directly at his wife, while her portrait seemed to look all around the room, as if seeking escape.

Eddy and Xav decide to stay in the haunted main bedroom. Eddy moves stuff around in the room to upset the ghost and see if he’ll move the stuff back into place. Xav stays up writing songs inspired by the tragic story of the cruel Thayer and his poor trophy wife. He tries taping paper over the portrait’s eyes, but it falls every time he looks away. Eventually, one of his repeated attempts to cover the eyes on the painting result in him falling loudly enough to wake Felicia, who offers to help. They staple Xav’s t-shirt to the frame. Felicia goes to bed, and so does Xav eventually. The shirt does end up falling, and it is torn where it was stapled.

In the morning, Eddy finds all the stuff moved back. He takes photos and updates his blog regarding his stay at the haunted hotel. He finds that Xav filmed him sleeping in a most unflattering manner, but doesn’t give a crap. But when he goes down to breakfast and finds out Xav had a ghostly encounter, he goes back upstairs and pours water on him, recording the entire thing.

Group travels by car to Seaside, which is the closest town to the hippie commune where Freebird Jay resides. We find he changed his name to Raven Sorrow after Mayflower Mary died. He doesn’t provide much information, except to state that Sunny was a beautiful and good person. Xav scoffs, of course, but we spend a fair amount of time with him trying to get something USEFUL. We do find that Mary visited him in dreams on many occasions, and she him to send things to Sunny twice: once information on Mary’s family (to London) and later he wired money to her (in Germany). Meanwhile, Sam takes the opportunity to look around and steals 4 journals that Mary kept. In them we find some info, and we come to believe Mary, whose birth name is Sherry Lin Gray, was born in L.A., and we decide we need to track down more information on her family. Evidently the years have erased that knowledge from Raven’s drug-addled brain. Eddy begins researching.

Felicia then tells us that there have been some recent mutilations in the area. She suggests we head to Olympia to get some rest, then investigate the mutilation scenes in the morning.

That night, Sam and Felicia sneak off to do something very secretive.

The boys end up at a club on the docks, and Xav usurps control of a grunge band and puts on a helluva show. He sings an improvised song challenging the Skinwalker to show itself. He also attempts to get Forest and Eddy laid, though Eddy mostly tries to avoid hooking up with girls half his age, or less. Eventually, Felicia and Sam show up, and Sam dances on the bar. Eddy suspects she may have been replaced by a Skinwalker.

Timeline of Events

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