Sunny Fields Timeline

According to our interview with Freebird Jay (Sunny’s “father”), this is our best guess as to her life over the past 30 years.

1969 – Sunny conceived at Woodstock. Her mother (Mayflower Mary) believes she was conceived with someone her father planted at Woodstock to impregnate her.

1970 – Sunny born.

Early 70s – Sunny’s parents move from commune to commune.

1985 – Sunny starts disappearing for months or years at a time. Freebird didn’t know much about where she went.

1990 – Mayflower Mary passes away. This is the last time Freebird actually sees Sunny.

1991 – Freebird moves to his current commune and changes his name to Raven Sorrow.

1993 (approx) – Freebird sends info about Mary’s parents and other blood relatives to Sunny in London at the request of Mary, which he received in a dream.

1995 (approx) – Freebird wire money to Sunny in Germany, again after Mary asks him to do so in a dream.

Sunny Fields Timeline

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