Xavier Rivers

A talented but sometimes troubled musician trying to find his way after falling off of his own bandwagon


Xavier’s life on the LA rock scene would have made Caligula green with envy. Xav’s talent burned brightly enough that it rocketed his small band to instant success around town. Quickly his performances were gaining a strong following and he was the toast of the town. If you wanted to see someone sing out their very soul on stage and give you back yours in the process, then you had to see Xavier play.

Celebrity bars and clubs did everything they could to seduce the dashing young front man to play their gigs. Managers and producers became involved, herding the band and trying to keep them leashed. Women, beauties the likes of which you only dream of being in the same room with, orbited the band like little satellites of sexuality and temptation. It was an alternate reality, this scene full of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

It seems like a dream to Xav now. An idealized, romantic little concept of how cool everything was. Except it wasn’t. The soul crushing expectations, the constant weight of the parasitic sycophants dragging you down, the murderous intensity of the capitalists and thieves who run the LA music scene. In a moment of weakness, Xavier found heroin as away to cope. Except it wasn’t. It was just another lie you keep telling yourself to make it through the next gig, the next rehearsal, the next girlfriend. Everything began to darken until it all came apart in a white hot thunderous flash.

He’s grateful now that his life went supernova as fast as his success came. Getting caught, getting out of LA, and getting clean saved his life. Out of the spotlight, Xav found his truth: free from his past problems (at least for now) his talent is resurfacing, building itself back up. He isn’t quite ready to return to LA yet, he isn’t even sure if he should, but those seem like far away thoughts. Xav tries to keep things ‘in the moment’ and well in hand.

He likes ‘old things’ now, things that show their age. Scars and wrinkles are beauty marks now to the one time rock star. He still has his ways with women, but he is taking care not to abuse them as he once did. One of the easiest ways that Xavier helps himself feel better about his situation is when he is helping others, so he tends to spend a fair amount of time going out of his way to lend his efforts to the homeless and unfortunate. And while he is unspeakably poor, he works hard to pay down his debts as best he is able- with a song or a smile.

Xavier Rivers

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