Eddy Rasputin

Gonzo Tabloid Journalist and Conspiracy Theorist


Eddy Rasputin is a well-known (in certain circles) tabloid journalist who worked for The Black Sun, which was either full of completely loony fabrications or the terrifying truth of how the world REALLY works, depending on who you ask. It was a bit like The Weekly World News, but with more of a conspiratorial focus. As newspapers the world over collapsed in the wake of the Internet, Eddy saw the writing on the wall and started blogging before almost anybody else. As a result, he has a loyal, if unstable, group of followers the world over, waiting for Eddy Rasputin’s next “revelation.”

Eddy Rasputin was born Edward Taggart, one of six children in a working-class Sheffield family during the 60s. He came of age during the Thatcher years, and it informs his politics and worldview still. Staunchly anti-authoritarian AND contrarian, Eddy was drawn up in the Punk movement in the 70s. He is no stranger to a good brawl, and his oddly shaped nose is testament to the number of times he’s been punched in the face. To this day, Eddy can’t resist smarting off in the face of authority.

Over the years, Eddy has cobbled together a network of like-minded individuals across the globe. He can often obtain “less than ideal” equipment or travel arrangements (for a price) when it becomes necessary.

Eddy is now approaching his 50th year, but he refuses to slow down. He still drinks and smokes incessantly, although he avoids hard drugs after a particularly bad incident in Mexico he’d rather not talk about.

Despite being a crass, ill-tempered ass, Eddy believes his motivations are pure. The masses are sheep being led to the slaughterhouse by secret forces they can’t comprehend, and they don’t even know it. Eddy’s goal is to reveal the truth and save as many people as he can. And if they don’t listen the first time, he just says it again, but louder. WAY louder.

Eddy Rasputin

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