Skin Walkers

Log for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd meeting

start up

The story line begins with the likable, currently traveling rock singer Xavier meeting a new friend. Hitching his way across the US working when and where he can. His new friend, who he later calls Becca fucking flower face, soon tasers him and knocks him out. He’s found by Forest the Forest Ranger (Yep that’s his real name)hanging in the Black Hills. He is naked and wrapped in a bear skin with, “Are you ready yet?” carved in his back. All his things are found farther down the trail clothing the bears dead body.

Forest and Xavier are forced together because of a strange set of occurrences and Forest’s boss. As park police, Forest is given the lead in this investigation. Although Rapid City is not a small town it is small enough that almost everyone knows what’s going on before Xavier is released from the hospital. Xavier and Forest meet an interesting young lady who also happens to be a PI who is investigating the same case. She volunteers information and although hesitant at first both men soon realize she could be a big help and begin to rely on her.

Xavier finds new friends who help him out and he soon sets up a charity concert with the help of Grandfather. Although the investigation continues and clues are being explored Xavier stays focused on his goal to make money for the charity who helped him out. Of course the people hell bend on terrorizing him couldn’t let such a prime opportunity pass them by and they drop a new clew right down next to Xavier on stage. The body of the man has been skinned and now dropped from a passing helicopter.

With a new body, and this time a human body, the 3 find themselves following a lead to Switzerland. With new leads and new people to meet the 3 begin to search in a new country. What they find is a serial rapist who they help take off the streets that no one new about. Feeling a little success the trio is lined up to finish a few interviews and head for Paris.



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